Recovering After A Malware Or Virus Infection

Have you recently been affected by a virus or malware infection?  If so, you realize what a pain in the neck it truly is.  There are a lot of things to do after this has happened – and ways to get your data back and protect it from further attack in the future.   No matter how you got this problem, don’t worry: there are things that you can do in order to reverse the situation.  All you need is a bit of patience and perseverance.

First of all, you have to remove the virus or malware from your computer system.  The best way to do this is to use a software tool for the job.  Sometimes you can remove them manually, such as the case with certain malware, but with viruses and more complex malware you will want to employ the use of a software program in order to remove all the pieces that get left behind in the file system and registry.

I recommend removing the virus or malware with Malwarebytes.  This program is lightweight and easy to use, and can really help you out in situations like these.  The software is regularly updated with the most recent malware that’s out there.

Once you’ve removed the offending problem from your computer, it’s then time to clean up.  If the infection has left lingering problems with your computer then using a program such as Reimage can help repair damaged Windows files so that your computer will run again.  Reimage is a great solution for people that haven’t backed up their data and cannot afford to wipe the computer and start from scratch.  Reimage will help get the computer back to proper form so you can either continue using it like before or simply get your data off so that you can restore the entire system back to new.

I’ve used Reimage before and it saved me from having to start all over with a video editing project I was doing for a client.  It really saved my butt – I was going to have to start all over because I (stupidly) didn’t back up my data.

Moving forward after cleaning up your computer, I highly recommend keeping Malwarebytes around after the fact to protect your computer from future infections.  The great thing about Malwarebytes is that it defends against more than just viruses, it defends against malware and adware and things like ransomware.  These things are becoming more and more popular as hackers realize that just planting viruses won’t get them much – but using Malware can get them things such as financial information, which they can either use themselves or sell on the dark web.

Make sure that you only browse and surf safe internet neighborhoods.  Don’t open email attachments from unknown senders.  And for the love of all that is good, don’t download software and music and movies.  Those are key ways to get yourself infected with some nasty computer bug.

Have you had a run in with malware recently?  Tell us your story in the comments below!

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